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10/01/2018 6:51 am  #1

H5000 Websocket - B&G Cals

I have made a wifi websocket connection to H5000 on a boat with a Hydra CPU

Immediately after I made the connection, when I looked at the "B&B H5000 Websocket Settings" button, I saw a tab on the left labeled "B&G Cals".., I clicked on it and the B&G Cals feature loaded, but i was unable to do anything. The connection was otherwise working - my number boxes were populated. I couldn't download or change any of the B&G calibration numbers - the tables stayed empty.

A few minutes later, I re-established the connection.., tbut he B&G Cals tab is missing. I have all the other tabs - Exp Cals, Exp Calcs, and so on..., but I have no way to select the B&G Cals.

Is the Websocket B&G Cals feature in Expedition only supported by processors higher than Hydra?

Note that if I make a websocket connection to the CPU in a web browser.., I do see the calibrations

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