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7/07/2018 6:43 am  #1


Hello !
I miss the "MyGrib" choise within the weather options. How do I regain "MyGrib" icon among Grib Data Source ?

R. Jan


7/07/2018 10:56 am  #2

Re: MyGrib

Could this problem have just started when you went to a smaller PC screen, as it did for me when I went to a 14” screen?

My workaround involves shrinking Expedition from the full-screen display in Windows; I understand that this is initially counterintuitive. In the shrunken display the Grib Data Source panel is now a drop-down and My Grib and My Image will appear there. After accessing what you want you can, of course, restore Expedition to its maximum size.

Another method is to put the My Grib and My Image buttons in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Hope this helps.


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