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3/09/2017 8:40 am  #11

Re: Best On Deck Tablet

Thanks Will for that information.  Seeing your name reminded me to go back and read your chapter on tablets in your book.  More good info there.


3/26/2017 10:20 pm  #12

Re: Best On Deck Tablet

Hi Ross, Ive looked at the specs for the other xplore models but they do not have the IP rating (waterproofness) or the screen brightness. The XC6 is the only IP67 rating "The IP67 rating protection of Xplore's ultra-rugged tablet PC lineup means that you can confidently immerse yourself in your work, and your tough mobile computer in up to 3 feet of water, no matter how extreme your field conditions. With an Xplore IP67 rugged tablet, your data could take an accidental dive into a puddle, pond or river up to three feet deep for at least 30 minutes and come up unscathed." The xslate and the bobcat are IP65. "Xplore IP65 rugged tablets are built to withstand the impact of low pressure water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) from any direction for at least 15 minutes."
The other xplore tablets look ok but I am after a display that works in all conditions and is easily viewable in very bright sunlight:

  • *The XC6 has the "only Multi-Touch Resistive Display on the market: smooth touch experience that works with gloves and while soaking wet". Basically, I can still use it in driving rain or while nearly underwater. (Other than the Trimble Yuma I have not found anything else that can be used in these conditions).
  • *The XC6 has 1300 NITs Backlighting – Highest Available with a 600:1 contrast ratio.
  • In comparison the Slate has a 500 NITS display.

Sounds like an ad but its not. I still have to pay for them! By the way, the one on Shogun (now Ichi Ban) is still going strong!
Cheers, Will



6/05/2018 1:22 pm  #13

Re: Best On Deck Tablet

Anyone used the Dell Latitude 7212.  Same IP rating as the FZ-G1 but better / newer hardware.

I like the stylus on the panasonic and the dell is a capacitive type screen which I haven't had the best experiences thus far.

I'd love the xplore as Will mentioned, but I can't justify that price currently.


6/12/2018 4:36 am  #14


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