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4/01/2018 2:53 am  #1

Happy Easter and all

This is just an Easter message, may your TWAs be > 45 and TWS be < 20 knots, unlike the VOR have recently experienced.
I have spent a considerable time in reflection over this period looking at the laptop from a new opportunity but an older yacht, trying to back-figure (is that an OK verb?) why what was done was done as it was.  When confronted with 20 sets of polars, and 30 sets of crossover charts, which one is The Real Deal?  Apposite over Easter really.


4/01/2018 5:21 am  #2

Re: Happy Easter and all

Thank you Duncan,
Best to you, you family and mates as well!


4/01/2018 5:54 pm  #3

Re: Happy Easter and all

Rock it, Duncan!


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