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9/17/2015 3:04 am  #1

startline feature

I use expedition on a getac g110 tablet. We do not yet have the N2Kdata on a wifi router so I  was wondering if i coed use the start line feature with the data of the internal gps only, a set of boatspeed polars and by freesing twd and tws. 
what dada can i expect to have ? 


9/17/2015 5:31 am  #2

Re: startline feature

You could do that, though I've never tested...

1. Use 'Hold' feature in the start ribbon and define the TWS and TWS (and currents if you wish)
2. In Expedition Calulations select 'Use SoG (CoG) if Bsp (Hdg) not available'.

You would then have all available info per a standard start screen with instruments connected.

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