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1/11/2018 7:14 am  #1

Variable Sail Chart

A boat I am assisting suffered some damage during a squall and as a result they can only set the spinnaker below a certain wind speed. 

Would modifying the sail chart to remove that sail choice above a certain wind speed (maintain multiple sail charts) and it would defacto modify the polars or do the polars need to be edited directly.  


1/11/2018 8:24 am  #2

Re: Variable Sail Chart

You'll have to create a new sail chart and polars for the boat.  Both have a save as feature in Exp so it's pretty easy.  You're basically creating a new boat "DamagedBoat" and once you saved the old polars you can either modify the new named in Exp or open the file using 'open with' and use Excel.  You'll obviously have to guess at the performance at the higher TWS w/o the kite.  Modifying the new named sail chart will allow your optimized route to tell you what sails to expect on your route 
     If you display Targets on your instruments you'll have to modify both the NAV Polar and the Performance Polar..
Be careful to save the original polars and sail chart for when the problem gets fixed!!
Good luck


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