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9/16/2015 12:29 pm  #1

Locking out the MOB Button

It is possible to lock out the MOB button to avoid accidentally setting a MOB mark. This is very habdy for inshore races or when you have crew using Ventus for needed inforamtion at their location. For an iPhone or iPad use the built in Guided Acces feature to lock out the MOB, or any buttons you want. Instructions are on our website at www.ventusnavigation.com/articles.html On an Android device you just tap and hold the MOB button for 4 seconds to lock or unlock the button. Make sure you have at least version 1.10 installed. (We alway recommend you upload the lates version)

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9/16/2015 9:28 pm  #2

Re: Locking out the MOB Button

What about locking out the entire screen?  I find that while I have my phone on my wrist (in a holder) sometimes I end up accidentally holding down one of the number panels and end up looking at the list of channels.  I just have to hit Done and I'm back to where I was but it is annoying.  It would be great to have an option (under settings perhaps) to lock all number panels.  So then the only active area of the screen would be the Next/Prev/MOB/Helm buttons etc..

Does that make sense?


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