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11/21/2015 5:50 am  #1

Ventus PRO Update version 3.0

The Ventus PRO version 3.0 upgrade is now available to download from iTunes. This update includes a new command to ping a new mark by range and bearing from the current active mark, and inserts it in your current course following the current active mark. 

It also includes support for new data channels Turn to Mark, Start Boat Speed to Port, and Start Boat Speed to Starboard. 

The Ventus Navigator version 2.2 update is also now available to download and it includes the three new data channels.  

We should have the same u​pdate available for Android users in a few weeks.


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11/27/2015 12:38 am  #2

Re: Ventus PRO Update version 3.0

Is there something different w 3.0?

Wont't update on any of my devices, and when I uninstalled it I need to buy it again??



11/27/2015 8:02 am  #3

Re: Ventus PRO Update version 3.0

The only difference is version 3.0 are the additions of several data channels and the new mark set command. What type of devices are you trying to update?

If you uninstall an app from your device you still have it in your account so you can reload it at any time without paying for it again. 


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11/28/2015 5:46 am  #4

Re: Ventus PRO Update version 3.0

Got in on an iPhone 5 + my iPad and used it without any trouble since 2013. Then v2.0.

Uninstalled it on the iPhone, but now I need to purchase the app to reinstall. Still got it on the iPad, but it wont't update. Not really sure on how to proceed.



11/28/2015 7:15 am  #5

Re: Ventus PRO Update version 3.0

If you bought it on your iTunes account it is still there. Go. to the App Store on your phone, find Ventus PRO and tap on it. It won't show a price, just an arrow that you tap to download it.

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11/29/2015 11:28 pm  #6

Re: Ventus PRO Update version 3.0

OK, on my Iphone I de-installed it - and now I get this (i e need to buy).


On my Ipad it's still available as 2.9 but can't be upgraded.




11/30/2015 8:18 am  #7

Re: Ventus PRO Update version 3.0

I don't know if for some reason iTunes works differently in different countries but if I delete apps from my phone and then go to iTunes I do not have to pay again to re-install them. Does anyone else have any feed back on this? Have you tried tapping the button on your iPad to "Restore Purchases"? Harry

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11/30/2015 11:17 pm  #8

Re: Ventus PRO Update version 3.0

And that's the way it's been working since March 2013. No issues whatsoever with upgrading. Just as all other apps.  But suddenly, with 3.0, it doesn't work. Might it have to do with expiration of a promo code? See below. 

Trying to update in iTunes it says "Upfdate not available for this Apple-ID since the object was purchased by another user or it's been refunded or retracted."

22 March 2013
The iTunes Store support team has received your message - Follow-Up: 263335108

First Name : Peter
Last Name : Gustafsson
Email : peter@blur.se
Apple ID (Optional) : peter@blur.se
Lang_Country : en_SE
Product : iTunes Store
Support Subject : Purchases, Billing & Redemption
Sub Issue : Redeem code - Accidentally pushed the buy button for XR7N7HRLWREK
GCRM Case ID : 426513152
Choose the iTunes Store or App Store for your country:  Other
Please select your country:  Sweden
Item title:  Ventus PRO
Order number:  MH9TL7GFDX
Redeem code XR7N7HRLWREK for Ventus PRO

Pushing "restore purchases" results in:




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