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5/15/2017 9:04 pm  #1

Pebble and Andriod

Hello: I'm one of your 3 pebble users.  first off, it's the greatest combo ever.  It's great having just the "critical few" bits of data right there.  I can just strap the watch to the tactician and cut the chatter down by 75%, leaving me to focus on more pressing issues.
​That being said, I just broke it.  I accidentally updated the Android pebble app, which deleted ventus from the watch due to app compatibility issues.  I reinstalled the "pebble old version" on the phone, which let put ventus back on the watch. but now I can't seem to get the watch to display the data.  I just get the "---" screen on the watch (no connection)
​I am running Ventus 1.14, pebble watch software 2.91,  Android app version 2.50.
​does anyone know what version(s) I should be running? 
​as an aside, the app used to show on the watch as all lower case letters, now it's all upper case...not sure if there's any significance to that.


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