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3/03/2017 12:05 pm  #1

Ventus PRO Sale

Peter Isler is hosting is next Expedition Marine Webinar on March 8th and to go along with it we are offering Ventus PRO for $119.99 during the month of March.

We can't recommend his webinars highly enough, and if you are sailing Trans Pac, or any other offshore races this year, it should be mandatory for your skipper and navigator!


3/17/2017 11:51 am  #2

Re: Ventus PRO Sale

I just took advantage of your sale!  It's up and running and worked great right out of the box.
FYI, I'm using a tiny, usb powered, HooToo TripMate Nano Travel Router.  So it can go with the B/U PC and still be all set up at home for planning.
Ventus is an impressive product!
Thank you,
Ernie M


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