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9/09/2015 1:23 pm  #1

Connecting to Ventus Navigation

Select Number of Network Connections Increase the number of connections by 1.

Usually you won’t already have any networks configured to run with Expedition other than the instrument input so the number of network connections will be 1.
Select Instruments from the drop down File Menu again Select serial and network ports Select the new network connection, not the one that has your instruments listed (Fig. 2)

Select Expedition from the instrument drop-list, Select UDP Tx as the connection type, Select the default port of 5010, or enter 5010 in the port box
Don’t do anything with the boat (0 def) box 7

Click on the Expedition settings box Click on the Exp output box
Place a check mark in the box next to each of the data channels you want to transmit

The standard channels you need to select for the pre-set pages in Ventus Navigator are: Awa, Bsp, Heading, Layline dist on port, Layline dist on strb, Layline time on port, Layline time on strb, Start bias length, Start time on port, Start time on strb, Target Bsp, Target Twa, Twa, Twd, and Tws.  

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9/16/2015 12:00 pm  #2

Re: Connecting to Ventus Navigation

Please note that if you are using Ventus PRO you need to select UDP Tx & Rx so that you can send commands back to Expedition from the Exp Com page. We also suggest you download the most current version of Expedition which now includes a box in the Ventus Setup page where you can enter the actual broadcast address of your modem. This will give you more stable performance and is necessary if your instrument system uses more than one wireless network. There is more help about setting this up in both the Expedition help files and in the newest version of our Ventus Manuals which are available on line at www.ventusnavigation.com/8.html.

When selecting data channels you want to transmit to Ventus there is also a "Ventus" check box at the bottom of the page that will automatically select all the needed channels and all the other channels that are most often used.    

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