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1/06/2017 5:03 am  #1

Time shift GRIB file visible in weather on map

For optimal routing, there is the option to specify a time shift of the grib file (under Settings-Opt advanced).
This works fine for routing.  However it does not impact the weather as shown on the map (wind barbs, showers etc).

My suggesting is that this setting also impacts the weather shown on the map.  So e.g. when I define a time shift of -120 minutes,  the weather shown on the map is the weather as contained in the grib 120 minutes ahead of the current time.  This time shift should of course than be retained when scrolling through the timeline with the <= and => buttons on the weather tab.
To remind you on the time shift specified in the Opt routing settings,  I propose to include the time shift between brackets into the date/time indication in the left top corner on the map.  E.g.:

H13 14:04:49 Fri 06 Jan 2017 W. Europe Standard Time (shifted -120)

When in this example the "now" button on the weather tab would have been selected;   this would assume that the current time is  14:04:49 Fri 06 Jan 2017  and that the weather as contained in the grib at   16:04:49 Fri 06 Jan 2017 is displayed (as there is a -120 min. shift specified).

Also the other fields on the Opt advaced tab that impact the weather timing (scale wind%, rotate wind and reduce scaling & rotation) should IMHO impact the weather shown on the map.   It that case all these fields shoudl maybe be put on the weather settings tab instead of the Opt advanced tab (while preventing confusion with the scaling fields already on that tab which are used for a different purpose).

Just my 2C's.  Anyone else has some suggestions for this?


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