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3/01/2024 6:15 pm  #1

No Analysis output

Hi just downloaded (unlicensed) V1.601 and running a test analysis.  Log and GRIB (SD GFS) overlap. App provides suggested start/end dates, run analysis but no output is provided.
MA Results indicates there are no datapoints.
MA Messages indicates that some log positions from Boat were too far>75nm) form nearest GRIB point in GFS: 0 close enough, 12 too far).
Can't figure out what I'm missing or doing wrong or is this because it is an unlicensed/restricted version?

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4/10/2024 6:01 pm  #2

Re: No Analysis output

@euro, were you successful in getting the examples they provide to output analysis?
If so, I would start by looking at your log file, scan through it and see if you have sections at the beginning or middle where there is no data being recoded ( maybe connection to instruments was wonky or bounced when engine is used to charge ).  MA throws the error you mention because it finds too many blank data points ( hence the too far error message ) in my experience.  A little of a pain, but you can delete the problem rows.


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