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1/01/2024 7:41 am  #1

Winter training

Hi,Do you have any ideas on how to enhance navigation and sailing skills during winter time? Other than reading books or watching webinars. I'm happy to read your ideas and learn about what you are doing.Cheers


1/01/2024 9:04 am  #2

Re: Winter training

Re: EXP the kindle books by Will Oxley are a good read. 
Also there is lots of content on the web these days by groups like North U, Speed and Smarts, and Yachting World (eg Pip Hare series on double handing ).
Try different search entry combinations with some including your boat type or class.
Watch race videos such as the finish of the Rolex Sydney Hobart with the duel for line honours and figure out who did what and why.
Try used book stores for the older classics on tactics.

If this doesn't work PM me and I'll send you some lists.

BTW Technology is moving so fast, we're all newbies!
Cheers and HNY
Ernie M


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