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9/05/2018 2:32 am  #1

Boat Speeed Signal (BSP) from B&G H5000 erratic on expedition

My H5000 system is connected to my PC/ Expedition with an Actisense NGT-1 into my PC with a USB connection. .  All signals on the H5000 show correctly.  When displaying on my Expedition, all of the signals  that I want and need show  up  correctly except for the Boat Speed (BSP) signal . The BSP signal is erratic. It shows  up  once in a while then disappears.  I ran the B & G simulator  and  tried to troubleshoot  with a strong  high  boat speed,  to no avail.  Same  issue , the boat speed  signal is intermittent. Any advice would be welcomed .


9/05/2018 1:11 pm  #2

Re: Boat Speeed Signal (BSP) from B&G H5000 erratic on expedition

It sounds as if there is more than one bsp source on the network. You can tell Exp to select them etc, but te recommended method for getting data from H5 is with the Websocket.


9/25/2018 7:04 pm  #3

Re: Boat Speeed Signal (BSP) from B&G H5000 erratic on expedition

Agree with Nick here...(been through this process a number of times on various boats with the 'stock' install.)

I guess my philosophy is:
-To use the rawest data sources possible at each stage. (e.g. for H5, ensure using the actual sensors as sources. For Expedition, ensure to be using H5 as source where possible. For N2K use H5 where possible.)  Websocket makes this all much easier.
-To minimise the number of sources, when multiple sources may be selected. (Deselect 'All' in Actisense.)
-To apply calibrations as early on in the 'data flow'.
-To apply damping as late in the 'data flow' (as and when required).

Worst is to end up 'calibrating already calibrated data' or 'damping already damped data' (unless it is specifically deliberate to do so).

Not sure if this is the best way to approach, and happy for ideas / discussion on this.

Good luck!

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