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7/13/2018 3:33 am  #1

Wave Heights

If it is in there, I have not found it yet, but I would like to see some place to track observed wave height. It would help train everyone to correctly estimate what heights they are actually seeing instead of all the wild guesses we all have. Of course this info is unlikely to change our routing, just good-to-know info. My B&G P9 compass or other fancy multi-axis compasses ought to be able to provide enough information for this to be computed.


7/13/2018 12:09 pm  #2

Re: Wave Heights

Not from the compass data, but we used to have wave sensors on the Volvo boats.


7/14/2018 5:05 am  #3

Re: Wave Heights

Wave data in real time is available from www.ndbc.noaa.gov

wind data from the same source is available on EXP

Could the wave data be included when available for the NDBC buoys for display in Exp?


7/14/2018 7:57 am  #4

Re: Wave Heights

it might not be easily accomplished.., but it would be great it that data download could include airport observations.

and maybe the Wundermap observations too - i don't always trust them, but there sure are a lot of them. 

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