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6/05/2018 10:09 am  #1

Start time - default date

The start time defaults to yesterdays date and 14:00.  Why not have the date default to today's date.


6/05/2018 10:42 am  #2

Re: Start time - default date

I think it sets the date at the time you open Exp.  If you close it, the next time you re-open it the date will be current.


6/05/2018 10:46 am  #3

Re: Start time - default date

The advantage of the time 'sticking' is that if you set the time for 15 June at 14:30 say, you can continue to work at that scenario as long as you're logged on to Exp.  If you logoff it resets so you don't have to worry about leaving an 'old' date in.


6/09/2018 11:33 am  #4

Re: Start time - default date

Ernie,  If I just open Expedition the default date is yesterday's date.  This didn't occur in earlier versions.  It is a nuisance to have to change the date when setting the start time. 


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6/09/2018 1:54 pm  #5

Re: Start time - default date

If not routing form here and now, default time will be when Exp started, displayed in UTC or local time depending which mode you are in


6/09/2018 2:27 pm  #6

Re: Start time - default date


My comment has nothing to do with the time to start the optimization.

It is for the setting the start timerwith a preset start time.  It always defaults to yesterday’s date and 14:00.


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