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5/31/2018 5:54 am  #1

No Backstay (from Expedition User Channels) in Ventus Pro

I've set up both Ventus and iDataNet in Expedition. Ventus Pro running on an android tablet and iDataNet on an iPad.
In iDataNet I receive all channels without problems.
In Ventus I do not receive backstay load.

Ventus settings:

iDataNet Settings:

Expedition User Channels:

Backstay is an Expedition User channel. Originally User 1.

The other User Channels from the list (FStay LD, FStay PC) are also not availavle in Ventus. In iDataNet they all work without a problem.


5/31/2018 12:53 pm  #2

Re: No Backstay (from Expedition User Channels) in Ventus Pro

You might want to contact Ventus.


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