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12/30/2015 5:08 pm  #1

Expedition Lite - Grib viewer


is the old expedition lite program still availabl? I've still got it on my desktop at home and I use it all the time. I'm currently away from home and on my old laptop running xp and for some reason I can't get the predict wind offshore app to install so I can't download any gribs. Are there any other grib viewers that work with predict wind?


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12/30/2015 6:28 pm  #2

Re: Expedition Lite - Grib viewer


You can use the full version of Exp to download and display grib data from Saildocs, NOAA, Great Circle, Predictwind, Tidetech, Theyr etc without having a licence.

The display and options are far superior to the old viewer, esp in the non-XP build, which is why it isn't offered now.


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12/30/2015 7:41 pm  #3

Re: Expedition Lite - Grib viewer

Bewty thanks Nick. Which version should I use for Windows XP Pro SP3?

I get an error message "(null) is not a valid win32 application" when I try and run the latest version of Expedition. It seems to install ok but it won't run.


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