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12/29/2015 10:01 am  #1

"No Wind at Start" Message in Optimisation

I generally use GFS  and TideTech gribs for race plots in Auckland. I'm currently building two.

One for the Fiji race in June (just for interest at this point to see he effects of ocean currents), and one for the Balokovic Cup, an 87 mile night/day race around the Hauraki Gulf where currents and tides can have a big impact. Again this race is some time off (Feb), but I'm building a profile over time to see the effect of wind, tides and currents.

The issue I'm facing at the moment (and have previously) is that after loading gribs and setting up for optimisation for a race starting 'tomorrow', I get the message "No Wind at Start". This seems to happen when GFS is showing a wind speed  in the less than 10 knot range.

I've tried substituting motoring when wind speeds are low (not that it would happen in the real world), but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Is there a way of avoiding this message in light air starts - which occur frequently at this time of year.



12/29/2015 12:38 pm  #2

Re: "No Wind at Start" Message in Optimisation


Do you have avoid C-map land or avoid vector land options checked? If so, disable them.

Also, look at race notes. You may have one over the start area marks as to be avoided.

I have also recently improved the error messages for these, so consider updating your Exp.



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