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12/21/2015 12:34 pm  #1

How well does Expedition play with Raymarine Electronics?

We are contemplating buying the Expedition Software package.  However, we have all RayMarine electronics, including the older seatalk instruments (which seem to be interfacing OK with the newer seatalkNG networked repeaters and such).  

So my fundamental questions are: 

1. Anybody else on this forum have experience using Expedition with RayMarine stuff?

2. Will I get the full-functionality of Expedition using RayMarine hardware?

3. Will I need to get one of Brookhouse bridges to correctly interpret the NMEA2000 protocols for Expedition?

Any comments greatly appreciated.


12/21/2015 2:17 pm  #2

Re: How well does Expedition play with Raymarine Electronics?


The older Seatalk is problematical, so you need a NMEA 1083 source in the system.

​However, SeatlkNG is essentially just NMEA 2000, so you can use the Actisense NGT-1. You also need a Seatalk to NMEA 2000 adaptor cable as Seatalk uses different connectors.

See the Exp help on Seatalk.


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12/30/2015 9:41 pm  #3

Re: How well does Expedition play with Raymarine Electronics?

We're right in the middle of getting a new boat set up.   It has mostly Ray gear with Nexus displays.

Still in test mode with Expedition running on a temporary MS surface.  So far everything is working as expected.   The NGT-1 is plug & play, it is seeing all the data it should and can send custom data to the Nexus displays.   I ended up running a parallel standard NMEA network alongside the seatalkNG & bridging them to avoid a ton of custom cables for all of the peripheral devices.   You can order a special NGT-1 with a seatalkNG cable (STNG-A06045) if you want to directly attach it to your NG network.

It's all new so I can't help with the legacy stuff.   there is a seatalk-seatalkNG bridge in the system but the only thing on the other side is a wireless remote for the autopilot.  It doesn't cause any problems that I'm aware of.

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