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5/10/2017 8:22 am  #1

Pinend time to burn

I often have the problem that in prestarts, when heading away from the pinend, the time burn to the pinend gets lost for some time:


Time to line with a tack and with a jibe and time to pinend at current speed are still there.

Sometimes it works:

Anyone experiencing the same? 


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5/10/2017 1:56 pm  #2

Re: Pinend time to burn

Thanks, have found that. 

Fixed for the next update.

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6/15/2021 2:52 am  #3

Re: Pinend time to burn

I'm not seeing the time to burn, or the time to the line that's displayed for the tack or gybe approach. I think this is because I have the wrong options chosen in settings - can anyone tell me which boxes need to be selected to get these numbers to come up?


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