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11/05/2015 9:33 pm  #1

NMEA 2000

Hello all,

I have just finished installing a NMEA 2000 network with the guts being a STNG network with 3 Garmin GNX120  displays a Actisense NGT1 and Win 7 Laptop. All went in quite easily and generated data from the Ray sensors.

I set up 6 custom channels in Expedition for wind and performance which can and are displayed on the GNX120 at the end of the network  but the other 2 displays which are attached before that do no want to display the custom data. They will display all except for that displayed on the aforementioned.  That end display recognizes all 6 custom channels.

I think this is a NMEA 2000 issue but I am somewhat confused as everything else worked so well. The other 2 GNX120s will show non custom data from the laptop such as BTW but not the custom channels.

Can someone help?

Also is it possible in Expedition to see the same serial numbers of hardware in the network as can be seen on the network which is also different from what is seen in the Actisense NMEA toolbox?


11/07/2015 7:02 pm  #2

Re: NMEA 2000

Could it be a firmware issue with the other 2 displays?


11/11/2015 10:23 pm  #3

Re: NMEA 2000


After some contemplation I have figured that I did not terminate the NMEA 2000 network correctly. Used a display to end the backbone rather than a termination plug.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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