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3/03/2017 8:13 am  #1


I "injected" some AIS MOB sentences into Exp (by going to the Serial & Network ports window,  then enter the NMEA sentence in the 'Command' box and press 'send').  These are 2 example (valid) MOB sentences:


What happens is that Exp will popup a window indicating that there is an MOB.  However, the MOB is not stored as a mark and not set as the active waypoint  (for the MOB button in Exp and the MOB button of my NKE system this works perfectly).   This is with 10.5.14
Is this a bug or is the MOB only set as mark/waypoint when the MMSI of the AIS alert equals the MMSI of you own boat?   (I was not able to test that).


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3/03/2017 2:36 pm  #2


​That is correct. The NMEA 0183 MOB is in response to an action on your boat such as a button on a GPS.
​One problem I thought about was if you have multiple SARTs. So they are just drawn on the chart as SARTs.


3/03/2017 10:27 pm  #3


Good thinking. Multiple sarts are indeed realistic.   Seems Exp has the right implementation!

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10/20/2019 7:33 pm  #4


Pulling this thread back from oblivion.  I am testing AIS/MOB functionality with regards to EXP and Navionics.
I have a test rig/network with an Digital Yachts AIT2000 wired into a NMEA2K  network with a Yacht Device WiFi Gateway.  I triggered a test MOB from my MOB1 beacon and had it appear on Exp. but not on Navionics.  Other AIS targets appear but not the MOB.  I would like to do more testing and as an alternative to live testing I was hoping I could simulate by injecting a MOB sentence into the network.  I tried the sentences in this earlier thread below to no avail.  I believe AIS has a binary payload so cut and paste probably doesn't work.  Any other thoughts?
I tried the MOB button in Exp and while that does trigger a point in Exp.  Still nothing in Navionics.  Anyway to capture what it is sending so I can try to inject it at will.  Thanks



10/20/2019 10:07 pm  #5


The AIS messages are binary, but are in a NMEA 0183 style sentence, so you can cut and paste them.


10/21/2019 5:19 am  #6


Thank you for that clarification.  Since he sentences posted by ZeeZee worked for him but are not working for me.  Is there anything I need to do in the instrument configuration to allow by test sentence to be sent and the MOB alert pop up in EXP.


10/25/2019 10:51 am  #7


Are you sure that the VDM sentence is enabled for the port you try to inject the test sentence?

I think that injecting NMEA into the command line of a port of Expedition only works when the port is actually connected.   I'm with my PC at home now (so not connected to any instruments) and when I now try injecting the NMEA sentences mentioned in my opening post nothing happens.   
This worked perfectly in the past,  so I will try again next time I'm at the boat.
These test sentences are valid NMEA sentence so should also work for you.


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10/25/2019 6:58 pm  #8


I have a mini test network setup at my home.  Interconnected mix of NMEA2K + STng.  GPS, Digital Yacht AIT2K (AIS), DY Signal K Gateway, RayMarine i70s Wind, and a Yacht Devices WiFi Gateway (YDWG).  The WiFi Gateway is setup for TCP on 1 port and UDP on another.  Both set Bidirectional.  I have EXP set to pull data from either/or both. I can swap back and forth and I see raw NMEA data streaming so I know I am connected.  I see the "boats" position on the chart.  The AIT2000 also has a USB connection and some diagnostic software that allows one to inject a NMEA command into the network,
As best I can fathom this is as close to a real install that I can simulate.
If I inject the MOB sentence through either device I see no trace in the logs and no MOB popup.
Any thoughts appreciated.


10/25/2019 11:42 pm  #9


Do you see "normal" AIS NMEA sentences sent by other boats in the Expedition raw data window  (NMEA VDM sentences)?   And do you see AIS targets on the map in Expedition?
If not, then clearly your AIS data is not routed to Expedition.
If you see AIS targets on your Expedition map and you see the VDM sentences in the raw data window,  do these sentences have the !AI prefix, or another type of prefix?

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10/26/2019 9:04 am  #10


ATM I am too far from any other boats to see AIS data but when I tested it last week near the water I was able to see AIS targets and my MOB beacon when I triggered a test.  So I know all of that works but just unable to inject a NMEA command.  
I had the idea to use a telnet client to connect to the IP / Port.  It immediately streamed the NMEA data.  I then sent one of the MOB sentences via this same client and the RayMarine instrument immediatly started beeping with a MOB alert but with no coordinates.  Which would also explain why no alert popped up on EXP as it had no location to place it.  How does one add MOB coordinates to a MOB sentence? 


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