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7/09/2016 4:34 pm  #1

Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Good Evening-

I recently purchased expedition to use with a Nexus NX2 system on a Windows 10 laptop.  I was able to get the computer and Expedition to recognize that there was a connection coming into the computer (I have a serial cable running from the Nexus server, with a serial to usb cable plugged into the laptop.  I also figured out how to configure the driver to have the proper NMEA 0183 configuration (4800 baud, etc)

I'm not able to get any data on Expedition.  I'm pretty well versed in running the program, but I have a race in a week, and the boat is heading out tomorrow to be delivered to the starting area.  Hoping I can get it figured out on the 10 hour delivery tomorrow.  Any guidance would be much appreciated.  

Thanks in advance!


7/09/2016 6:38 pm  #2

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Is the cable connected to the DB9 on the bottom of the NX2 server?

​You shouldn't have to 'configure' the driver. I am not sure what this means. Exp will open the serial port at the correct baud rate etc.

On the serial port interface in Exp, does it say the port is open or closed?

Have you selected the NX2 NMEA or FDX instrument type in Exp?


7/10/2016 7:59 am  #3

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Thanks for the super quick reply! One of my crew found a loose connection at the server. All working great now it seems. This was way easier than I was led to believe it would be!

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8/21/2018 1:18 am  #4

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

I am trying to get the same configuration to work, with following outcome: if I choose FDX the values for SOG, COG, BSP, etc. are available, but Lat/Long is only transmitted occasionally. The more logic option is NMEA to me, then Lat/Long is stable, but the values for SOG/COG/Bsp are missing. Wind values are transmitted. Background: the SOG/COG values plus the Lat/Lomg are coming from a SIMRAD Plotter into the NX2 system (and are shown correct on the instruments), the Bsp is coming from the Nexus speedlog. No compass sensor is installed.
In expedition I have unticked the checksum box, I have tried to use the option boxes for "use SOG/COG" in both ways. Any other options or settings to try ? Can anybody help ?


8/21/2018 2:52 am  #5

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Have you looked at the raw data feed into Exp? Which NMEA sentences do you have enabled to receive?


8/21/2018 3:10 am  #6

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Hi Nick,
thanks for the quick reply. Almost all senteences are ticked. Definately the ones which I need. Do I have to untick all the ones which are not relevant ?


8/21/2018 1:22 pm  #7

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Normally most are selected by default and you can leave them selected.

The NX2 server has a section on the documentation to tell it which NMEA sentences to send.

The FDX connection is normally better, but I don't know why you wouldn't see position very often.


8/29/2018 5:28 am  #8

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Hi Nick,
just want to report what I could achieve lately:
The FDX connection still does not work for Lat/Long, although the data is stable on the NX2 instruments. So I configured NMEA, which now works. Indeed the sentences which the NX2 server sends need to be configured correctly. The thing is that with a newer server and old instruments, the naming of the sentences is not a per description. F.e. if I want to send DPT, I must choose BWR on my instruments. Little strange, but there are tables available from Garmin/Nexus.
Two little items remain:
1. the NX2 special sentences, f.e. TBS, which can be configured in EXP. They do not reach the NX2 system, and after restart of the software, the configuration is gone.
2. the XTE value seems to be wrong from EXP. It is part of the RMB sentence as I understand. My position was left of the courseline, and EXP showed a negative value. The XTE transmitted to my Raymarine AP was opposite, so the AP steered further left and away from the courseline (using track function).Any way to influence the XTE within EXP ?


8/29/2018 1:17 pm  #9

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Thanks. Will fix the TBS etc sentence persistence. I hadn't noticed that, but probably not many people use the NMEA option now.

The RMB XTE seems correct (you can see it in the raw data). The value is always positive with an L or R to say to turn left or right (based on heading).

I've just tested GPS position with an FDX connection and it all works as expected. I don't know what the problem could be on your system, but it may be worth trying the Nexus Race Software.


8/30/2018 2:03 am  #10

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

where can I see the raw data ? When I brought up XTE as a number box, it was showing a negative value, ship being on the left side of the courseline. So the AP had to steer right, but actually it steered further left.
Will try the Nexus Software next time.


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