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5/14/2024 12:58 pm  #1

Garmin GPSMAP 86SC integration

It would be fantastic if Expedition (I assume with Garmin's permission) created an emulation on our PC's of the Bluetooth feature on Garmin chartplotters that sends boat sensor information to the Garmin 86SC handheld GPS and Garmin watches, using the information in Expedition (bearing to destination, boat speed, etc.)


Developer information:

Even if just the standard information, that would be so helpful! With custom channels, like Expedition can do now with mast mount instrument displays, that would be out of this world! (but standard info would be a great start)

I would buy the new 86SC immediately, and later a watch, if Garmin would work with you on this Nick!  If not, maybe the protocol is open and documented?


5/14/2024 9:02 pm  #2

Re: Garmin GPSMAP 86SC integration

It would be interesting, but the development schedule is rather full at present.


5/15/2024 1:16 am  #3

Re: Garmin GPSMAP 86SC integration

I wrote a server for Expedition data with a view of provided data via bluetooth to watch type devices but found the main issue was signal propagation as it was only good for a couple of metres and was therefore not reliable.


5/15/2024 7:17 am  #4

Re: Garmin GPSMAP 86SC integration

Was that a carbon-fiber boat?

For other applications, like getting mission criticial information from a wind sensor at the top of the mast down into the network, bluetooth is a bad choice. Wi-Fi isn't really either.

For watches and handheld GPS, I think Garmin made a good choice in Bluetooth. My five-year-old Plantronics/Poly Bluetooth earphones to the cell phone work over 30++ meters from inside the boat to the parking lot in the marina, far beyond the advertised range. In the house, the range is much less, still a solid 15 meters. For this watch and gps handheld application, 5-10 meters, bluetooth is all that is needed. Am I wrong?  (Above, I am quoting ranges for Bluetooth 4.0, which my poly is based on. Bluetooth 5.3 range is 240 meters)

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