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4/22/2024 3:38 pm  #11

Re: Expedition 12

They are a different product.

These are the Navionics+ and Platinum+ charts available on SD card.

Also, not the Navionics charts for Garmin plotters which are different.


4/22/2024 3:51 pm  #12

Re: Expedition 12

if someone has the navionics cards in a zeus charplotter, it sounds like they would work...

but does the card have to be in the PC?

or, can you copy the charts from the card to the pc, and then put it back in the zeus?



4/22/2024 4:24 pm  #13

Re: Expedition 12

Yes, you can copy the charts to the PC.

All explained in more detail the Exp help.

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4/22/2024 4:58 pm  #14

Re: Expedition 12

Nick, Will a Navionics chart chip from a Raymarine Axiom work also?


4/22/2024 5:13 pm  #15

Re: Expedition 12

I don't know anything about Raymarine, but I believe so. The main exception is Garmin.

See here (they haven't updated it for Exp yet):


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4/22/2024 9:00 pm  #16

Re: Expedition 12

Running Windows 10 on primary PC and Windows 11 on tablet backup.  Have used C-Map in the past because I've had performance issues with quilting ENCs.  Should I be using the 32-bit 4D application still?  Or, is the 64-bit version the better performing version and I should move away from C-Map to Navionics?

Didn't see anything in the help file addressing this issue.



4/22/2024 10:11 pm  #17

Re: Expedition 12

It is more which charting you wish to use. ENCs are also a little faster.

x64 will be a little faster and can use much larger grib files.

Btw, I have noticed some people aren't getting prompted for a new key.

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4/24/2024 12:08 am  #18

Re: Expedition 12

Hi, how can I see the license date to understand if the license covers the upgrade? Thanks Marco


4/24/2024 1:00 pm  #19

Re: Expedition 12

Black Dog wrote:

Nick, Will a Navionics chart chip from a Raymarine Axiom work also?

I just tried and can confirm yes they do work.  Sonar chart function also works.

With the ENC`s - performance is much better zooming in and out - did note that AUSENC would not zoom out to world chart ENC (would stop at the most zoomed out AUSENC) - is that by design?

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4/24/2024 1:29 pm  #20

Re: Expedition 12

previously, i had both the NT/Max and 4D versions installed.
will we now be able to have all  three installed?


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