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6/02/2023 3:08 am  #1

Yellow Brick Tracking help

I am practicing YBT with the SoCal300 race currently in progress.  I have downloaded Boat IDs, selected a few boats to track, selected a reference boat, downloaded positions from the start to halfway through with JSON, and then downloaded several single positions after that.  Tracks appear properly on chart.  But when I click on the Tracking icon to get details of how my selected boats are performing against the reference boat, the Tracking popup window appears with no data.  Clicking on Time produces a blank dropdown menu.  Toggling the Plotted boats only icon on and off does nothing.  Clicking View all shows all the positions of all boats in the race.  I suspect I am making a simple mistake, and would appreciate suggestions.

Also, I am unclear as to how the "Set display time" button on this window works.  Does it set chart display time to last position downloaded?

Thanks all for your help.


6/02/2023 12:53 pm  #2

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

Most likely, you haven't selected a valid boat as the reference boat. All the times inthe drop list are for that boat.


6/04/2023 12:31 am  #3

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

Thanks, I think this was the problem.  The SoCal race had finished, so I changed to a different race in order to test the YBT functions live.  When I selected the reference boat as the last step in setting up the new race, the Tracking window populated with all the data.  But I am nearly certain I had picked a reference boat for the prior race.  Does the reference boat need to satisfy any particular criteria in order to be a "valid boat" for purposes of the tracking function?  In the current race, I experimented with changing the reference boat, and all the boats I selected seemed to work.

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7/22/2023 7:28 am  #4

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

Jumping in here... I'm trying to track the CYC Mac 2023 and see that the number of downloads is greyed out at 1.  I remember that this could be set at a high enough number that the download got the history of the race, not just the current snap shot.  What has changed or what am I missing??
Thx, pjl


7/22/2023 1:02 pm  #5

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

the only way I can follow the race is download manually every 15 mins.  this is a PIA.  What am I missing??


7/23/2023 10:54 pm  #6

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

are you selecting JSON from the dropdown for Format?
Then you can say number of positions you want, I just stuck "1000" in and it worked.


7/24/2023 6:19 am  #7

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

Perfect!!  Just what I was missing. Thx, pjl


7/25/2023 12:10 pm  #8

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

I'm able to select and see boat locations at selected times in a YB race.  Is there a way to playback the race in animation?  Thx, pjl


7/25/2023 12:56 pm  #9

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

Weather Tab > Play (or 60 min arrows)

If you have an optimized route with the same start time you can watch 'your boat' vs the optimized boat...neat
Ernie M


7/25/2023 1:43 pm  #10

Re: Yellow Brick Tracking help

Beautiful!!  Thx, pjl


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