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5/26/2023 5:04 am  #1

GRIB Server...

Would it be possible for models like the met model to keep and provide access to longer runs? Since the met has 2 long runs and 2 short runs a day you can wind up in a position where you are starting with only the short run data until the next long becomes available.

Since the 00 and 12z are long runs and the 06 and 18z are short - It would be great to get the 00 and 06 at the same time & 12z and 18z at the same time (if the 06 or the 18z are the latest available). Esentially always provide access the oldest long run to use as a seed when you start downloading.


5/26/2023 12:39 pm  #2

Re: GRIB Server...

UM is probably my go-to model.

I have thought about that, but the data is very old by then.

There are also multiple other model options if you miss the 00 or 12z data.


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