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5/12/2023 5:24 am  #1

Unable to Import Sail Notes

Haven't upgraded for a while, but I remember being able to import Sail Notes generated in Excel. At the moment I have quite a list in the exact format that was imported last year, however now it fails. I've tried all four available .csv flavours. I was able to import, not as .csv, but as .txt file. This works for the actual positions, but all the names are thrown on one spot, rendering them to be illegible. The .csv format I'm using at the moment looks like this:

Sunk TSS South,
051 42.16n,001 43.18e
051 42.63n,001 50.12e
051 38.80n,001 50.81e
051 38.31n,001 43.88e

Right now I'm on v11 19.3


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5/15/2023 1:11 am  #2

Re: Unable to Import Sail Notes

I have found it can be hard to get Excel to output a CSV in ASCII text not Unicode...This is one area it would be great if expedition gave some indication why it didn't like file imports.


5/15/2023 1:57 am  #3

Re: Unable to Import Sail Notes

There's a good chance you're right. I remember some yaers ago I used OpenOffice to assemble race notes and now I've upgraded (ahum) to Excel, opening a new can of worms.

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5/15/2023 1:26 pm  #4

Re: Unable to Import Sail Notes

I copied that text to a text csv file and it imported ok ...


5/20/2023 12:51 pm  #5

Re: Unable to Import Sail Notes

Someone once told me that saving excel (and for that matter notepad) txt or csv files can do some funny things, and that should use Notepad++. This was with regards to FTP files to WTP. So, have always used Notepad++ since then.

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