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5/03/2016 11:01 am  #1

H3000 RS232

For reference as H3000 RS-232 cables are getting hard to get as B&G has ceased supply.

It is a Phoenix Contact cable. I think M8, available in different lengths, links below.

Disclaimer: I haven't bought one, except from B&G, so can't 100% guarantee this.


Sensor/Actuator cable - SAC-3P-M 8MR/ 1,5-PUR SH - 1521669
Sensor/Actuator cable - SAC-3P-M 8MR/ 3,0-PUR SH - 1521672
Sensor/Actuator cable - SAC-3P-M 8MR/ 5,0-PUR SH - 1521685
Sensor/Actuator cable - SAC-3P-M 8MR/10,0-PUR SH - 1521698

It might also be possible to make your own as I think they are industry standard free hanging connectors. See DigiKey, RS etc. 

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10/15/2020 3:28 am  #2

Re: H3000 RS232


Recently took the risk of ordering this cable, based on your suggestion, and guess what? It's the correct one!

Thank you very much, this was the last crucial bit in our navigation PC project.


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Yesterday 4:00 pm  #3

Re: H3000 RS232


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