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5/02/2016 9:05 pm  #1

H5000 Hercules interconnection to Expedition

I am sure I have missed something basic (or worse...really dumb) but I have hit a road block... if you have a check list for dumb things to check when connecting to B&G... would appreciate it...   So the set up consists of a new H5000 Hercules, with the latest downloaded software. I connected to the Ethernet port on the CPU and using the B&G web browser, I am able to read, download and calibrate the B&G parameters on the laptop, through Microsoft edge and also Mac Safari so all is good (note to some... the B&G Ethernet port is NOT a gigabit connection... took be two days to figure this out... so make sure your port is set to 10 or 100 MBS...)  The issue I am having is getting expedition to "use" the B&G data... what is odd, is that through the RAW data tab, I can view and record the B&G sentences.  the sentences line up to the nodes and functions that I have in the config file.  when I change the config file, I can see that the sentence requests have changed.... Now do you think I can get expedition to pull in this data!! not a chance!!  So what could I be missing here?  I have tried both the Hlink and TCP settings, no difference... both import data to "Raw" but when I switch to display mode... nothing... no position, no content in the data boxes... nothing...  thoughts? suggestions?? As a side note, I have been running Expedition, on a MacBook pro, with Parallels and Windows 10... the mirroring function on the Macs make the replication of the laptop display to ipads almost effortless... works great...


5/02/2016 11:16 pm  #2

Re: H5000 Hercules interconnection to Expedition

You can't use the Ethernet connection to talk to the H5.
 ​What do the sentences look like? That might be Exp sending requests.


5/03/2016 6:25 am  #3

Re: H5000 Hercules interconnection to Expedition

Here is a small sampling:





So you are thinking this is the expedition program requesting data? 


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5/03/2016 11:09 am  #4

Re: H5000 Hercules interconnection to Expedition

Yes. Exp can not receive data from the Ethernet port, so just keeps requesting it.


5/03/2016 1:32 pm  #5

Re: H5000 Hercules interconnection to Expedition

If you have a Zeus 2 plotter in your setup you can use it to relay all the h5000 cpu data via Ethernet (it's how I get ais data out of the system without using another serial port) otherwise it's serial comms directly to cpu  as Nick has said



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