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4/28/2016 7:50 am  #1

Exp to Raymarine Tacktick T210

I am trying to confirm that i can output Polar bsp to be displayed on a wireless Raymarine T210 (formerly TackTick).  This would be through an INav Hub wi-fi router with NMEA 0183.  It seems like it 'should' work perfectly, but Raymarine cannot confirm.  Please confirm that this output should work fine before I finalize the hardware purchase.


4/28/2016 12:34 pm  #2

Re: Exp to Raymarine Tacktick T210

Expedition can send the custom Tacktick sentences.
 Not all tacktick displays used to be able to accept these, but the T210 maxi display at least used to. You just need to check the display can accept the PTAK sentences.​


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