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6/09/2022 2:07 pm  #1

Setting a specific start time

With the new “calendar” for setting a specific starting time I can’t change the seconds - I can set hh:mm but the seconds seams to be set depending on when I klick “today”, am I missing something or could there be an option for setting seconds as well? When we race starting by handicap we often have a specific time in hh:mm:ss to start. But as it is now I can’t even set the start time to 11:00:00 - I’m using a tablet computer, could that be the reason I can’t set the seconds perhaps?


6/09/2022 2:09 pm  #2

Re: Setting a specific start time

That is a 'feature' of the time control in tablet mode.

If you switch out of tablet mode, you can


6/10/2022 2:28 am  #3

Re: Setting a specific start time

Thanks - I unchecked "keypad" and now it works - the calendar/time option with keypad checked is really a nice feature though, apart from not being able to set seconds, it's really easy to use when using a tablet compared to "desktop mode" (which is great with a desktop). 

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