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6/07/2022 7:47 am  #1


I bumped into to regular contributor Ross Hobson on his racing machine Pegasus at the recent Galway stopover of the Round Britain & Ireland Race.  We spent a couple of hours discussing Expedition and trying to resolve some minor issues. Like most of us here, we're getting older and less able to retain information.  We also don't use Expedition on a daily or even weekly basis, so much of the knowledge we gain gets lost soon after.  While this forum, the Expedition manual and the books are all valuable, they don't have the structure to enable us to look up how to do a specific task or operation within Expedition.  Ross explains that he maintains a set of documents with screenshots of Expedition that explain how to do some common things that we easily forget.  He has offered to share them and I'm happy to edit them and post them on the forum.

I'm confident that many of the forum members have similar personal guides, notes, and checklists that they would be interested in sharing.  With that in mind I am creating this section of the forum.  It's not a general 'over and back 'type of chat forum like the other sections, it should be more easily searched and referenced, so I will try to restrict it to just the necessary content.  If you feel any of it needs editing then you can let me know.
I'll create some empty topics to start, if you have anything you'd like to add just send it over.



6/14/2022 1:50 pm  #2

Re: Introduction

Hi Fergal 
hwo best to send you mey word doc ' how to do its'?


6/14/2022 2:33 pm  #3

Re: Introduction

That is a great idea.

Artie has some tips at https://www.waypointracing.com/expedition



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