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5/04/2022 9:50 pm  #1

Weather update times

Does anyone have a list of what time the various weather models update?
I know i can see what time the models update in expedition, but I want to know what time the next analysis comes out.


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5/05/2022 12:14 am  #4

Re: Weather update times


5/05/2022 3:59 am  #5

Re: Weather update times

There is one other factor in timing these files...reality.
You would be well served to keep track of the time you download a file and what the start time is for the file.  Do this in the days before a race and you will find a realistic time to allow for some variation in the time the say '0800' file is actually available.

Then when you are on the boat and access may be more expensive, you won't be disappointed that you just used valuable sat-phone time to download a file you already had.

Like all of this business; preparation is key!


5/10/2022 12:18 pm  #6

Re: Weather update times

Cheers Ernie, that’s a very good point.

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