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4/21/2022 11:01 am  #1

Problems panning with ENC Charts


I am using the AusENC Charts. When I zoom into an area - then pan - by dragging my mouse the display zooms off to a random area somewhere else on teh chart and also changes the zoom level. 

If I pan using the pan arrows on the chart menu - that works fine - but is super slow  at times.

I have a 2 yo Lenovo X1 with a core i7 CPU - so its a pretty decent laptop. 



4/21/2022 12:10 pm  #2

Re: Problems panning with ENC Charts

You could try clearing the chart database and ENC permits and reimporting.

That is probably a good idea from time to time anyway.


4/28/2022 1:54 pm  #3

Re: Problems panning with ENC Charts

Hi Nick,

I had just cleared my enc charts and installed a new set of both charts and permits.


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5/09/2022 3:33 am  #4

Re: Problems panning with ENC Charts

I've had problems panning ENCs for years, my problem is that when I zoom out to whatever zoom level I feel gives me the best overview and pan to the next ENC it opens up in it's original zoom level. This often leads to very confusing "where am I?" ....

I've uploaded a screen recoding, I set the zoom to  1:44260 (1/2x: 1:22000) but when I pan into a new chart area, the next chart is loaded as 1:22130 (1x: 1:22000). Even without using autochart and both chart having the same original resolution. Have a look at this recordning https://xsrimages.s3.amazonaws.com/ENC%20pan.mp4

If using autochart is turned on it get's even more confusing as it then opens the "best" chart available, in it's original zoom level, in this case it's 1:12070 (1x 12000) have a look at this recordning https://xsrimages.s3.amazonaws.com/ENC%20Pan%20with%20autochart.mp4

I use an app in my Ipad called "Seapilot" which holds the same ENC charts, it does not change the zoom level when panning, which makes it's much more intuitive to scroll down along a coast line or the course I've set up, so I often end up using it to pan around the full course to get a good overview. Or switching to C-map in expedition which holds the zoom as I pan.

I would be super happy with a feature "keep zoom level when panning" that made the next chart load in the same displayed zoom level as set in the current view (for example sticking with 1:44260) and adapting the magnification to 1/2X or what ever is needed. 

I know there have been experiences when shallow areas have been missed as the "wrong" chart was loaded, but I can't really understand how that is affected by the zoom level, as zooming out doesn´t remove any details unless a different chart is selected. I'm happy with the way auto chart on/off selects new charts (I typically go with OFF for planning and ON when sailing), all I'm looking for is not to load them in 1x but rather whatever zoom equals the current displayed zoom. 

If it's doable I'd be very happy https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png



5/09/2022 12:07 pm  #5

Re: Problems panning with ENC Charts

The ENC presentation standard specifies the chart should be displayed at the specified scale.

This is why Exp defults to that. I would be very reluctant to diverge from that, especially after events such as Vestus. I will have a think about it again though and your suggestion may be one option.

One thing that came out of the Vestus incident was that it is almost always a very good idea to have the chart/cell bounds displayed.

Of course, it lets you over-ride this and underscale. As you scale out, various objects will cease being displayed, depending on the ENC.


5/09/2022 2:53 pm  #6

Re: Problems panning with ENC Charts

I don’t really know the ENC rules, but I can see the problem with over scaling over the minimum scale value and I read somewhere you have to alert a “warning” unless the displayed scale is the optimum scale/ compilation scale. But I can’t really se the difference in zooming out to 1/2x and panting around a single chart vs paining in to a second chart with the same compilation and displayed scale … if the next chart is at a widely different scale I can see a strong warning would be needed and perhaps there should be limits to minimum/ maximum magnifications that can be loaded. I’m sure I can’t think of all scenarios … but others seams to load at the same displayed scale :-)


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