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10/15/2021 12:23 am  #1

Current Grib for Middle Sea Race

which current grib files (source) do you recommend for the Rolex Middle Sea Race?


10/15/2021 9:51 am  #2

Re: Current Grib for Middle Sea Race

I'm not aware of sources for local currents for that area, maybe Nick or others can chime in.
However through Saildocs,  on the WXdata tab, the RTOFS does cover that area with a once a day ocean current fcst if that's helpful.
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10/15/2021 12:31 pm  #3

Re: Current Grib for Middle Sea Race

There are some tidal diamonds in Expedition for the strait, but they aren't sufficient.

Probably the easiest I know of is Open WRF. Right-click and select from MyGrib.



10/17/2021 11:41 pm  #4

Re: Current Grib for Middle Sea Race

the Open WRF is higher resolution (both temporal and spatial) than the RTOFs. But it is automatically coming together with wind data. Is there a way to run a routing with Open WRF currents but let's say ECMWF wind data / without using the Open WRF wind data? 

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10/18/2021 1:13 pm  #5

Re: Current Grib for Middle Sea Race

You can select the model to show and use on the on the weather ribbon.

It uses the same codes as the Expedition WRF as both are WRFs so will get merged in Exp. Expedition should always select the Expedition WRF for routing and display though as it is higher resolution, every 30m vs 60m and is updated more frequently.

The Exp WRF should be better and for sure they look different.

Another model to look at is the Lamma, available from Great Circle. Another WRF.

Another option would be to use something like wgrib2 to extract the current data.


10/19/2021 12:25 am  #6

Re: Current Grib for Middle Sea Race

& TideTech global combined.

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