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6/30/2021 2:50 pm  #11

Re: C-Maps Error

Thanks Nick, will give it a try if it reoccurs.

Interesting to note a similar issue from 2017 here: https://expedition.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=639

I don't know if it's relevant but I also use TideTech. I think (fuzzy memory) that after running the routes I noticed that the tides had gone - redownloading them triggered the 'out of memory' and on reopen all these issues triggered. I.e. very similar steps to the OP in that thread.

Who knows if they're related... might I'll give that registry key deletion a try as well.

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6/30/2021 3:46 pm  #12

Re: C-Maps Error

Some of the Tidetech files can be very large, so maybe the C-Map system is running into a memory issue.

I've been recommending 16GB for Win10. 8GB just doesn't seem to be enough.


7/03/2021 12:41 pm  #13

Re: C-Maps Error

Hi Nick, just to follow up on this after another error - tsenga's fix in the 2017 post worked.

Deleting all grib registry entries in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Expedition\Expedition\Wx2 resolved the C-Maps font error (I assume temporarily).

Would love to hear if you ever find out why!


7/03/2021 3:29 pm  #14

Re: C-Maps Error

That would clear any grib files you have loaded, so possibly it is a memory issue in the 4D system


7/04/2021 9:01 pm  #15

Re: C-Maps Error

I've been testing this and it seems to be an issue with C-Map running into the 32 bit memory limit before Expedition (Exp32 can use more than normal 32 bit apps).

I downloaded all of Nwshelf Hi Currents (447MB) and that was ok, but ran onto the fonts problem when adding Solent Currents (278MB). Decompressing these means Exp uses a lot more memory than 447+278MB.

The best solution is not to download the complete file, but use the cursor to select the area you want. Also, clear out old files from the list in Expedition.


7/05/2021 8:06 am  #16

Re: C-Maps Error

Many thanks Nick, yes those are the exact files I was using (plus English Channel). Great to finally understand this fairly critical C-Maps issue and will follow your suggestions. Hopefully they hotfix in due course!


7/05/2021 8:09 am  #17

Re: C-Maps Error

More pressure to go 64bit?


7/05/2021 1:56 pm  #18

Re: C-Maps Error

I have a partial solution, available in the next upate. Expedition handles the 32 bit memory limits better than C-Map and has a higher memory limit. So initialising C-Map before loading weather etc. makes the 4D charting much less susceptible to this.

We do have a 64 bit version of Exp, but there are a couple of issues.

One being that most Office installs are 32 bit which breaks the database functions and several dlls (eg Actisense) are only 32 bit.

I have looked at replacing the legacy Access database with an SQLite db, but am not sure what the best path forward is. One problem with the SQLite option is that some people use the Access one in Office etc.


7/06/2021 1:04 am  #19

Re: C-Maps Error

I'd be willing to try 64bit Exp if you need a test subject -- I have Office 365 64bit installed and all of our instruments are NMEA over network and WebSocket on B&G. I think the only 3rd party bit I use is 4D charts.


7/06/2021 1:30 am  #20

Re: C-Maps Error

Mail me ...


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