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3/02/2021 3:22 pm  #1

new user boat simulator issues

I'm taking the expedition 101 class and have a trial version of expedition. on module 2 which explores using the playback simulation mode. 
i have followed along and entered and i believe all the parameters to start simulation but i don't get an active boat speed-frozen at 7 which is in the field, or any variant's, boat spd polar, etc. 
loaded a boat polar as described   toggled polar boat speed back and fourth and nothing.  
so what am i missing here?


3/02/2021 4:32 pm  #2

Re: new user boat simulator issues

Just for grins set your boat speed (Bsp) at 99.0, slide the "Polar BS" off, zoom in and see if the boat is moving.

With a chart zoomed out to show a large part of the ocean it's hard to see movement.



3/02/2021 5:50 pm  #3

Re: new user boat simulator issues

thanks for the input. yes the boat moves but what i'm trying to figure out is why
1. Bspd is constant on the simulation ribbon and on the number box   doesn't adjust at all.
2. the other boat speed parameters, target bspd, polar bspd, etc  nothing shows up in the number boxes.
3. toggle on/off polar bspd  with no effect.
in the class example  when isler is manipulating the wind direction, TWS, etc. the displays show the varying speed of the boat.
in my set up, somehow the boat speed stays constant, no matter how i increase TWS, the simulated boat does move appropriately to the commands, its just the some of the displays not reacting at all. i get heading, COG,  and that's about it. 

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3/02/2021 7:41 pm  #4

Re: new user boat simulator issues

Do you have a polar loaded?


3/02/2021 8:12 pm  #5

Re: new user boat simulator issues

i believe i did,  and the sublime way you asked made me check again. 
it is indeed loaded   under the NAV tab. just loaded it to the PERF tab. 
and like some sort of wizardry, and black magic, it is now working like the example in mr. islers video.
thanks   i'll go back to the pre-recorded lessons now.

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3/02/2021 8:29 pm  #6

Re: new user boat simulator issues


The simulator was really just made for me to be able to test things in a controlled manner, but it turned out to be useful.


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