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2/27/2021 5:05 am  #1

YB tracking downloads

1) Is there a way to get Expedition to check which position report steps are already downloaded and to then download only new position report steps / steps that are not downloaded already?

This could bring data traffic down by avoiding downloading the same positions multiple times.

2) Would it be possible to show the file size of the position report download before hitting the download button?

3)  "JSON since" does not seem to work for me at the moment. It just downloads a very small file.
I'd expect, that for a past race (for example "c6002020"), when I enter the starting date and time of this race, Expedition would then download the whole race: everything since the start. But this is not the case.



2/27/2021 5:43 am  #2

Re: YB tracking downloads

1/3. The file that is out at say https://yb.tl/c6002020-expedition.txt is only the latest snapshot of the fleet.
In a 'Tracker' like Exp it gets saved with an extension of the date/time.  So when you have tracked  a race from start to finish you can go back in time, in the tracker.  But if you start downloading after the race has finished the data is fixed.  Otherwise the file would be as you say huge.  YB already has lots of files out there on their server as you can see at https://yb.tl/links/C6002020 for every event. Multiplying that by each sample time would be pretty big.
2. a Nick question




2/27/2021 12:13 pm  #3

Re: YB tracking downloads

As Ernie says.

If size is an issue, most people just download the single positions. The format is much more compact too.

The JSON Since option has never worked for me. I have mentioned it to YB and leave it in Exp in case it gets fixed one day.


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