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2/15/2021 2:28 am  #1

AIS & GPS data from NAIS500 ?

I'm installing H5000, and plan to connect it to a miniPC via the WIFI-1 module (so that I also have an option to calibrate H5000 from iPad), and then run Expedition on the miniPC.

Several threads on this forum talk about the "problem" of how H5000 doesn't have GPS or AIS and data to share, and thus suggest the following steps
1. H5000 to PC (directly via Ethernet or indirectly via WIFI-1 module)
2. Set the Expedition settings to get instrument data via H5000 websockets but NOT get GPS data from H5000
3. Install NGT-1 (Actisense NMEA to USB device) to get NMEA into PC
4. Set the Expedition settings to ignore any instrument data received from NGT-1
... on the basis that this approach has lower latency than getting AIS & GPS data from other indirect sources.

However, I have a NAIS500 that is the primary source of the AIS data that it then broadcasts on NMEA2000 and in serial via a USB output. Given an NGT-1 costs £150+ installation and a UBS lead costs only £1, and given no latency at all (NAIS500 is the primary source of AIS data, which must be faster than conversion to NMEA and back again), can I streamline the above by replacing steps 3 & 4 with
3. Connect NAIS500 to PC via a USB lead to get AIS & GPS serial data

In particular, can anyone confirm whether the NAIS500 shares over USB all the things Expedition needs-but-can't-get-from-H5000, presumably a) GPS data on my vessel, and b) AIS data on other vessels ... but is there anything else needed?


2/15/2021 11:49 am  #2

Re: AIS & GPS data from NAIS500 ?

The manual says you may need to install the drivers first. Then it just appears as a serial port. Connect at 38400 baud.

"Once installed the AIS unit can be connected to the PC. The USB device will be automatically detected and will appear as a new COM port device. Select this COM port and a baud rate of 38,400 in PC based navigation software to make use of the AIS data.

Warning: If the USB connection is removed from the PC or Mac during use, you must reset the connection before further use. To reset the connection: disconnect, then re-apply power to the AIS before closing and re-launching any PC or Mac applications using the USB connection. Finally, re-connect the USB cable between the PC or Mac and the AIS transceiver. "

One correction - "NAIS500 is the primary source of AIS data, which must be faster than conversion to NMEA and back again". It will be sending both NMEA 1083 and 2000. If anything, NMEA 2000 at 256k may be faster, but it doesn't matter for this application.


2/15/2021 2:12 pm  #3

Re: AIS & GPS data from NAIS500 ?


The bit about disconnecting sounds troublesome given the consequences (losing GPS data at potentially the worst moment).

Or would that issue be similar for any serial port - and thus a potential vulnerability if AIS data is fed via NGT-1 (and that somehow got disconnected from the PC)?

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2/15/2021 2:19 pm  #4

Re: AIS & GPS data from NAIS500 ?

You have the GPS from the H5000. I would probably tell Exp to ignore GPS data form the AIS.


2/15/2021 2:42 pm  #5

Re: AIS & GPS data from NAIS500 ?

Thanks. I’ll give it a go and post about the outcome

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