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12/14/2020 5:48 pm  #1

NMEA 2000 SD Card Reader?

Is there an SD or micro SD card reader that can be mounted on a NMEA 2000 network, such that it can be accessed by devices on the network?
A search turned up this Garmin NMEA 2000 "Network Updater" - meant to be used to update the firmware on devices that don't have a built-in SD card reader.


seems like it might work...

I was thinking about the problem of transferring routes from expedition to a Zeus chartplotter - as far as I know, there is still no way of doing it directly. Mostly race boats are not using chartplotters while racing, but often they have them at the helm, and sometimes they are useful. Some owners really want to see a route there

Sure, the Zeus has a card reader, but my issue is that it's upstairs, at the helm - it's wet, and someone is driving.., and it's just generally not a good place to be messing with a micro SD card. also, if the slots are filled with charts, and I have to take a card out, i might drop it or something.

but if there was a network SD card reader at the nav station, that could be accessed by the Zeus, it would simplify things. Sure, someone at the helm has to read the file on the Zeus.., but that's not too hard

it would be even better if the laptop, on an NGT-1 interface, could write directly to the card reader.

is any of this possible?

I also found this one by B&G, but it seems like it is not a NMEA 2000 device, but is meant to be wired directly to a Zeus black box


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12/14/2020 11:14 pm  #2

Re: NMEA 2000 SD Card Reader?

I don't think anything like that would be possible unless (in this case) Navico made a solution.

With some systems, you can send the route suing the Instruments button on the Marks ribbon, but this is very vendor dependent.


1/06/2021 2:58 am  #3

Re: NMEA 2000 SD Card Reader?

You could try FTP of a *.gpx file from your PC to the Zeus, if they are on the same network...

Use FileZilla, Zeus IP, port 21, log in as anonymous, no pwd.

Not tried myself, but a customer has advised has been successful.

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1/11/2021 5:07 am  #4

Re: NMEA 2000 SD Card Reader?

thanks - i will try that.

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1/14/2021 4:41 am  #5

Re: NMEA 2000 SD Card Reader?

Once uploaded the .gpx file to the zeus, locate it in the zeus, and use import. After that your route will be added to the routes.


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