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11/12/2020 11:24 am  #1

Wind calibration in Expedition

In the Expedition manual under the Calibration section, it states, "Note that Expedition will store raw instrument values of Bsp, Twa and Tws in their own channels, which are logged and can be useful for later analysis." I have all sensors (log, wind, compass, gps, etc.) on NMEA 2000 network and calibrate in Expedition (no other processor), what will be stored in the logfile?
The Expedition manual mention Measured Wind Angle (MWA) and Measured Wind Speed (MWS), what is present and logged on those channels?
Just a so I understand the documentation, in the Appendix A it states, "AWA Apparent wind angle. If selected under calibration, will be Expedition's internally calculated and calibrated value." Does it mean that Expedition only performs AWA re-calculations if the checkbox is select (with or without calibration values), else raw AWA data?


11/12/2020 12:12 pm  #2

Re: Wind calibration in Expedition

Apologies, the help is a little out of date there. Will fix.

The data stored in the log file is the same as the number shown in the number boxes etc, but not damped.

If you calibrate a value in Exp, the calibrated value will be stored in the log file.

MWA/MWS. Some systems (mostly B&G) send these as well as the back-calculated AWA and AWS so we log those.



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