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11/02/2020 2:40 am  #1

Do not show the "WARNING - LIMITATION ON USE" screen at each startup

At each startup the screen "WARNING - LIMITATION ON USE" is shown.

When the Expedition software is set in Windows to start once the computer is starting, it does not start unless the user clicks on OK. I suppose that if Ventus is connected to Expedition on a Tablet on the deck, an user should click on "OK" on the main computer, which could not be easily accessible (did not tested, this is a supposition).

There should be an option as in any other software, to check an option like "Do not show this warning anymore".

Please indicate if there is any configuration file where it can be manually set to not show this warning at startup.


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11/02/2020 12:36 pm  #2

Re: Do not show the "WARNING - LIMITATION ON USE" screen at each startup

We can't change that sorry - it is a requirement of the C-Map licensing.


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