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7/03/2020 9:06 am  #1

Predict Wind grib files into Expedition.


new to this - 

I am in process of getting my Iridium go working with Expedition 4D.

My question is using expedition with laptop hooked up to Iridium (wireless) will the grib files from predict wind down load as planned or as I would expect into expedition?

OR do I need to set up predict wind app download files and then open expedition and load the predict wind grib files into expedition?





7/03/2020 11:07 am  #2

Re: Predict Wind grib files into Expedition.

I believe you will need to use the Predict Wind Offshore app to download gribs. Then import to Exp.

You can specify the folder the gribs are downloaded to in PW Offshore.

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7/06/2020 11:33 pm  #3

Re: Predict Wind grib files into Expedition.

in the most recent versions the predict wind download from either right click or select and area in expedition is broken - comes up with a message which says something like there is an error please upgrade to the latest version of expedition to fix it.


7/07/2020 1:02 am  #4

Re: Predict Wind grib files into Expedition.

Try re-entering your password.


7/07/2020 3:15 am  #5

Re: Predict Wind grib files into Expedition.

So ... I have an answer to my question posting so others can see...
I am using predict wind for some of my GRIB's files as I am familiar with interface to Iridium and download process and I am racing in a few days.  With the predict wind offshore app I can down load multiple GRIBS at once into the Expedition grib folder.
The Offshore App allows you to set the default directory for GRIB data. You can set this to the Expedition GRIB data folder to easily allow you to import the GRIB data.
[*]Open the Offshore App
[*]Go to File > Preferences > General
[*]At the bottom of this box is where you can select the location for the files to be saved to.  find the Expedition grib folder (its in data)
Note only the PWE, PWG and GFS GRIB files can be exported.
opening Expedition
Go to settings/weather/grib files (note to clear out old ones) highlight files you want to use push open and now they are active files in Expedition.

Thanks to Marleen from Predict Wind and others for your help.



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