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5/06/2020 2:47 am  #1

Penalties for Tacking and Gybing

Contemporary 40' racing yacht with A sails - what would you guys be adding in 'Optimal Advanced' for tacking and gybing penalties in seconds?


5/06/2020 6:04 pm  #2

Re: Penalties for Tacking and Gybing

It isn't something I use ...


5/07/2020 4:58 am  #3

Re: Penalties for Tacking and Gybing

Think about what changing the vaues in this variable actually does, which is impact on routing, and therefore only matters for longer races, certainly doesn't apply around the cans.
I just set the routing polar performance value on longer races to 90-something%, it depends on the crew and the circumstances.  Close enough for routing purposes.


5/07/2020 7:02 am  #4

Re: Penalties for Tacking and Gybing

We did some testing on an Elan 45 a few years ago to try to determine that and found such variability that we came to the same conclusion as Duncan which I think is that although it is a valid factor it is just one of the many things that contribute to the difference between the 'ideal' and reality. 
You can try tacking and gybing and determine how many seconds you lose and plug that factor in. But my opinion would be that it is unlikely to effect how close the predicted optimal time is to your actual result.  There is nothing more valuable than testing and tuning to get your polars tweaked to the reality of your boat and crew.
lykke til


6/15/2020 4:05 am  #5

Re: Penalties for Tacking and Gybing

I think KND racereplay tack analysis would give you the numbers. How do you get it into calcs is another issue..but its fun to look at the numbers


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