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7/24/2019 1:03 pm  #1

H5000 True wind problem

We just replaced almost all the old Nexus system with B&G and Expedition. Been interesting doing this oneself, to say the least. Thought we had everything running, including data from Expedition going back upstairs to the B&G displays. Running a playback later I noticed in the Number Boxes that all the apparent and true wind readings were identical. Oh, oh. I trouble shot it on the water which led to the following analysis:
The H5000 Hydra was not doing a proper calculation of True data.
Turning off the Hydra and using the H5000 alone, selecting the WS320 masthead unit directly, the results appear to be fine.
With the Hydra turned on I cannot select the WS320 directly as the source. The Hydra keeps overriding the selection of source. 
With the Hydra off, we're connecting to the 0183 system via Wifi using a vYacht router. I have the N2K buss wired to the N2K input on the vYacht. Incoming data is fine. But I've had problems with uploading from Expedition to the displays with this wiring (and the software switch for "write to N2K" turned on in the vYacht).
I'm afraid that without the Hydra we:
1. will not be able to upload data to the displays. 
2. Be missing something important from the Hydra.

Anyone have any ideas?

Current Configuration: (all the sensors show up and seem to be fine)
1, H5000 display
1, Triton2 display
Hydra CPU
B&G Precision Compass
B&G WS320 wireless masthead unit
B&G DST sensor
B&G ZG100 GPS & compass
vYacht wifi hub
dAisy AIS receiver (0183)
Standard Horizon GX1600 DSC VHF (0183)



7/24/2019 1:40 pm  #2

Re: H5000 True wind problem

Normally if AW = TW, your bsp would be zero.

For the Expedition part, are you connected to the H5000 with the Websocket?


7/24/2019 1:42 pm  #3

Re: H5000 True wind problem

Initially we were using the web socket, and via the ethernet cable. Turned off the Hydra and used the data from the H5000 itself and selecting the WS320 as the wind source and the data calculated by Expedition seemed fine. It really seems like a Hydra issue, but their tech support here is weak.

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7/24/2019 2:35 pm  #4

Re: H5000 True wind problem

I am confused by the mixing of H5000 and Hydra terminology, but generally you want the data from the Websocket. That is why you have a H5000 processor after all.


7/24/2019 3:49 pm  #5

Re: H5000 True wind problem

B&G's terminology is inherently confusing. The CPU is called H5000 (with three different software/firmware levels), but they also have the H5000 display. We have both. So when we turn off the Hydra we're connected to the remaining H5000 (display) and the rest of the backbone. Using the H5000 display we can work into the settings menus and select the WS320 masthead unit as the source for the wind data. When we do that Expedition makes the True data calculations which look good. We're wondering why we need the Hydra component in the first place. Sure, if we had a much larger system, but we have only a couple of sensors and then the GPS and Compass. Plus the dealer sent us a GoFree wifi, which can't be connected. Apparently only one of the chart plotters has a port to connect to the GoFree. So the unit is sitting here unused. Two weeks ago I wrote to them asking about it. So far... silence. 

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7/24/2019 4:22 pm  #6

Re: H5000 True wind problem

Terminology is everything.  You mean a B&G Graphic Display, through which you can do B&G menu selections etc.  Why you would when you can do it through your browser, I dunno, but different topic.  You have chosen to disable the Hydra processor and have Expedition do the wind calcs, which you then send back to the display (s).  IMO, if the Hydra can't see your wind sensor (at least that's as I read what you are saying), then nothing much else is going to go right.  You have to fix that problem and get the Hydra to behave as it should.  What wind sensor is it defaulting to?  Easier via browser.


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