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7/22/2019 6:13 pm  #1

Update Issue

Hi Nick, 
I have updated the software to 10.11.7 and now cannot log in.
No one associated with the boat can remember the log in information and as I can't log in, I cannot see the username or associated email address or license information. I have tried a few combinations the owner thinks it could be but no luck so far. 
I am navigating in Sydney Southport on saturday so would be grateful for assistance
The owner says something like this happened before when he upgraded the computer and you send him new details his email is admin@kilburniecattle.com or tony@kilburniecattle.com..
If you want to email me something neill@ausship.com.au.  
Thanks and regards
James Neill.


7/22/2019 6:30 pm  #2

Re: Update Issue


I don't understand - log in to what? The computer? A weather account?

The Exp licence key?


7/22/2019 6:47 pm  #3

Re: Update Issue

Sorry - the issue is when I download grips is says 'unlicensed copy of expedition - please purchase a license'.
Also when I go to your website and go to log in to account - I cannot get in. i was hoping that would help me get the info to give to you when I ask for renewal of the licence key.

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7/22/2019 7:04 pm  #4

Re: Update Issue

Hi Nick. 
The purchaser might have been bruce foye - bruce@foyes.com.au with the password The Goat. He is a co-owner. 

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7/22/2019 7:06 pm  #5

Re: Update Issue

That is for the eGrib weather data. You can reset your password there etc.

For a new key, just email me the site code (don't use the forum).


7/22/2019 7:20 pm  #6

Re: Update Issue

Hi Nick. 
Thank you.
What is your email address?
(if you don't want to post your email address please email me neill@ausship.com.au and I will email you back)
what is the site code and how do i find it to send to you? 
Jamie Neill

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