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6/04/2019 1:18 am  #1

Actisense NGT-1 to Expedition


I have a mixed instrument setup with H2000 (Hydra) and NMEA 2000. H2000 has sensors for boat speed, depth and compass (Halycon Gyro), while Wind and GPS is served through NMEA2000 (B&G Vulcan + Triton + H5000 GFD). The H2000 fastnet network is connected to the H5000 network using a H5000 Fastnet Interface.

I have connected Expedition to the NMEA network using Actisense NGT-1. When reading AWA and AWS from the NMEA network it seems that in addition to the NMEA wind sensor, the H5000 Fastnet Interface provides wind data (AWA=0, AWS=0.5). Hence, Expedition alternates between the values, mixing up any calculations and display of the wind data. 

I have tried to go into the configuration of the Actisense connection in Expedition, selecting Wind sensor as source for apparent wind, but with no effect. Is there any way of configuring Expedition or Actisense to disregard the wind data from the Fastnet Interface?

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6/04/2019 2:12 am  #2

Re: Actisense NGT-1 to Expedition

Yes, in the H2000_config file in the instruments folder in the Exp data folder.

Why not just connect to the H5000 with the Websocket?


6/04/2019 2:49 am  #3

Re: Actisense NGT-1 to Expedition

Hi Nick

Thanks, I'll look at the file.

I don't have a H5000 processor, only the displays, I am still thinking of whether and how I'll upgrade the instrument system further. I guess both a Sailmon and a H5000 processor is possible options for me.


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